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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

ASCA HOF Kennel #59



WTCH HANGIN’ Tree Blue Bear


Hall Of Fame Sire & Our Foundation Sire

Red vs Red...Mic goes to the head!
Mic is an Osceola son, a Bear grandson....carrying on the tradition of great working dogs at Pincie Creek!

Photo Credit: Gary Depp - In Motion Pictures

Cherokee Nation Flag

Native American quote:
"We were lawless people, but we were on pretty good terms with the Great Spirit, creator and ruler of all.  You whites assumed we were savages.  You didn't understand our prayers.  You didn't try to understand.  When we sang our praises to the sun or moon or wind, you said we were worshipping idols.  Without understanding, you condemned us as lost souls just because our form of worship was different from yours."
--Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo)
 A Stoney Indian born in Alberta, Canada but raised by a white missionary and educated in the white man's schools.

Creek Nation Flag

Hi, ya'll!!  Welcome to the Deep South and our world -- the home page of Pincie Creek Farms and Australian Shepherds.  We hope you enjoy your visit, and most of all, we hope you leave with a better appreciation for and understanding of our wonderful breed.  To begin with, we'd like to tell you what we're all about....

We strive to produce Australian Shepherds that are mentally sound, conformationally correct, intelligent, conform to the ASCA breed standard, and -- most importantly -- possess working instinct, which is what this breed is all about!!  We won't say all our dogs are perfect, but we do try hard...and one thing is for certain, we stand behind our dogs.  Your Pincie Creek Aussie will be individually selected for you according to your specifications, and backed by years of breeding experience -- plus a guarantee of replacement if it doesn't live up to your expectations.

We've added a lot of new things to our web site -- we now have pedigrees for each dog, more pictures, even pictures of the parents and offspring when available.  Also a lot more education articles.  Our breed is a wonderful breed but it is not for everyone, and if you're a prospective first-time Aussie owner, we want you to be sure this is the breed for you BEFORE you take that important step. 

We have created an extensive site directory to help ease your travels around the many pages of our website.  Also we've included some links at the left and button links at the bottom of each page ... we hope you can take your time, visit a-while, and enjoy!!  If you have any questions please call or e-mail us.  Thank you for visiting!

"John Bond", our registered  imported full blood Senepol herd sire, grazing at Pincie Creek. He's the best bull, of any breed, we've ever had.

Dorothy, John Bond's
daughter out of a
Hereford cow.

"Annie", our Beefmaster cow, with her Senepol sired F1 heifer calf, whom we call "Hippo" for obvious reasons.

The gate to Pincie Creek is always open - click on it to enter and begin your Pincie Creek adventure!

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Roger Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-618-1665
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