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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

Red Merle,
1991 ~ 2005
OFA Good AS-7317G29F, Eyes Clear, Full Dentition, 
Scissors Bite ~ 18 1/2 inches ~ 32 pounds

In November of 1992 we traveled to Waller, Texas to attend a stockdog trial. We had talked to Terry Martin (Slash V kennels) who then lived in Bryan, Texas, about an adult bitch, and we went up to visit Terry and look at a two year old named Aggie. Terry had not definitely decided to sell Aggie, so we left without her. She said she would think about it and if she decided to sell her, she would bring her to the trial the next day. We had looked long and hard for what we wanted - a quiet, hard working, versatile cattle dog with dependable, well known bloodlines - and we knew Aggie was it but would Terry trust us novices enough to sell us Aggie?? Well, Terry came to the trial the next morning but we were afraid to ask if Aggie was with her. She walked up to us and said, "Well, I decided to bring the little bitch." We were tickled pink. We paid Terry and put Aggie in a crate in our van before she could change her mind!! 

Aggie is typical Slash V - dynamite in a small, correct red merle package. She has excellent conformation but is a little small; 18 1/2 inches, about 30-32 pounds; she has full dentition and a scissors bite, good movement. She inherited her father's head and has a rather keen muzzle, which makes for neat, precise nips!! She has one of the prettiest necks and THE prettiest feet we've ever seen on an Aussie. And what's more -- she passes it on. She is a quiet worker, very intense, but not uncontrollable. After she works a few minutes and gets the edge off, she listens very well and is very willing to please. She heads and heels equally and fearlessly and is very quick and agile. She is a great cattle dog, a little rough on sheep, and is not quite a duck dog but managed to work them enough to earn all her started titles. Due to her obligations as an outstanding brood bitch and mother, she has not been trialed very much. She is an easy breeder and whelper, and an excellent mother to her large litters (she once had 13 pups!). Aggie is a proven producer of good working dogs and is the dam of WTCH Pincie Creek Osceola RD RTDsc PATDsc, who was 5th in the 1998 Gulf Coast Cattle Futurity. 

Aggie is protective of her home and especially her babies, but not to the point of being overly aggressive. She is a wonderful watchdog and does bark furiously at strangers who invade her territory. Even with very limited previous socialization (Aggie was two years old when she came to live with us) we never had any problems when she was taken to trials, shows, etc. She is a good traveler and takes new surroundings and events in stride. She has never shown aggression toward people but is an alpha bitch and will dominate other dogs (both male and female) if allowed.

Aggie’s pups have all turned on early. Her good disposition and willing attitude is evident in her pups and they are very versatile workers, will both head and heel fearlessly, and have good, outgoing, willing to please dispositions while retaining the classic protective and reserved Aussie temperament.

Aggie is a full sister to:
WTCH Slash V Bittersweet, "Possum" (hence Aggie's name, Bittersweet Sis)
Slash V Executive Decision OTDs STDdc

Slash V Paper Doll is a full sister to:
WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet CD (Red Oliver's "Slip")
Slash V Slidin Five ATDd OTDsc
Slash V Semi Autumn Woods STDd OTDsc


Click on any photo below to see a larger version

Aggie1.jpg (99250 bytes)
aggie2.jpg (15234 bytes)
Aggie4.jpg (36641 bytes)
Aggie's not fond of having her picture made. 
She sort of suffers through it.

Look at the natural balance -- and see the pretty neck??
aggie7.jpg (15792 bytes)
Aggie at age 8 years and 10 months - still in fine shape and as active as ever!


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Slash V Paper Doll
wned by Terry Martin
paperdoll1.jpg (39264 bytes)

(photo courtesy of Terry Martin)
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HOF Dam Slash V Semi Sweet OTDcd STDs, "Ticki" HOF Sire CH Jones Reddy Teddy CDX OTDdsc SCHI Piz's Little Joe
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Martin's Red Fudge STDc Martin's Tim Tim
Martin's Josie


~~ Inquiries Welcomed ~~
Roger Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-618-1665
or email us at


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