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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

ASCA Hall of Fame Sire 
 WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear 

About our breed

Blue Merle with white trim
14 August 1991 ~ 10 November 2007
OFA Good AS-7125G24M, Eyes Clear, Full Dentition, Scissors Bite 
20 1/2 inches ~ 45 pounds

When we talk about Blue Bear, we don't know where to begin, because there is so much to say. We could talk all day and still not tell all there is to tell about this wonderful dog. We have tried to capture some of his feats and his extraordinary character in Bear's Story. If we live to be 150, we know there will never be another Bear. When you have one like him, you know it's a once in a lifetime dog. Mr. Ernie Hartnagle told us once, "When you have a dog that's a good worker on the farm, and then can go out in the trial arena and do all those things, that's good. But when you have a dog that can pass those things on, THEN you've got a sire." Bear will go down in history as a GREAT sire. He's amazingly intelligent, Mr. Personality Plus, incredibly instinctive, truly one in a million, the best dog we've ever owned. We're just thankful that we were chosen to have him.

At the ASCA 2007 Finals Blue Bear had 4 grandkids and 1 son competing!

bear1.jpg (19300 bytes)
Cindy Alison snapped this photo of Bear at a Bob Vest clinic.  It's one of our favorites.
  bear3.jpg (39044 bytes)
Bear and Roger, working sheep at a 4-H demonstration in Chipley, Florida.
Bear13.jpg (7781 bytes)
The 1995 ASCA National Specialty in Berrien Springs, Michigan - Finals Competition
  Bear5.jpg (16452 bytes)
Bear with his sun hat and war feather, driving the "Green Hornet", our tractor. Look at that smile!
Bear10.jpg (5822 bytes)
Bear, doing one of his very favorite things--relaxing in front of the TV
  Bear11.jpg (3490 bytes)
People have asked us many times, "How do you get that expression on Bear?"  We don't "get" it, it's something Mr. Personality was born with.
Bear12.jpg (3642 bytes)

Ever the clown, here's Bear bringing Roger the Sunday paper.

  Bearrog1.gif (72941 bytes)
Bear and Roger -- look at the expression on both their faces.  Do you think they enjoy this just a little??  Photo by Marie Murphy
bearstand.jpg (45329 bytes)

The Stranger     The Bear     Bear's Story     Bear and Syd at Work

Hairy King Interviews Bear

HOF Sire WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear RDx

           blackbear.jpg (32833 bytes)

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Zephyr's Midnight Blue


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