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About our breed

This Contract is entered into between ____________________________, Owner(s) of __________________________________ ("Bitch"); and Roger Stevens and Kathy Stevens, 175 Fortson Road, Dothan, Alabama  36305, Phone 334-692-3883, Owners of ____________________________, ("Stud Dog"), upon the following terms and conditions:

1. Stevens certifies that the following information applies to the Stud Dog:
Date of Birth:     Color:
Registration Number:

2. ___________________ certifies that the following information applies to the Bitch:
Date of Birth: Color:
Registration Number:

Bitch Owner agrees to furnish Stevens the following prior to breeding of bitch:

a. Copy of Bitch’s ASCA registration papers
b. Proof of negative brucellosis and heartworm test made within thirty days of shipment or delivery of bitch
c. Proof of a veterinarian examination made within the previous ten (10) days stating that the bitch is free from vaginal infections, internal parasites, and any communicable diseases. If this is a maiden bitch, Bitch Owner will submit a statement from the veterinarian that the bitch is free from vaginal strictures, inverted vulva, or any other conditions, which would make a natural breeding difficult or impossible.
d. Proof of vaccination against communicable diseases (parvo, lepto, kennel cough, etc.) and rabies within the last twelve or thirty-six months, according to requirements in state of residence.
e. Written statement from Bitch Owner, or proof by inspection by Stevens, that the Bitch has a scissors bite and full dentition

3. Place of breeding shall be on the premises of Roger and Kathy Stevens, 175 Fortson Road, Dothan, Alabama 36305.

4. Stevens will handle the breeding of the dog and bitch. It is agreed that the bitch may be muzzled if necessary for the safety of the handler and/or the stud dog, but that no other restraints or force will be used. Stevens agrees to be present at each breeding and to supervise same; i.e., will not turn dogs loose in a run or yard and leave them to mate on their own. Both parties agree to hold each other harmless for any injury inflicted upon their dog by the other party's. Stevens also reserves the right to refuse service to any Bitch whose temperament, in the opinion of Stevens, makes it unsafe for the stud dog or Stevens to attempt the breeding. In this case, Bitch will be promptly returned to owner.

5. The parties acknowledge that many variable factors are involved and pregnancy can not be guaranteed. Unsuccessful matings, or cases where all pups are stillborn or none survive past the age of two weeks, will be handled as follows:

If breeding was achieved but no pregnancy results, or less than two registerable pups survive past the age of two weeks, the following shall apply:

A. Bitch Owner will have the option of one repeat breeding, to the same stud dog, at no charge. This breeding must take place within twelve months from the original breeding. If the option is not exercised within the time limit specified, the option is void and the stud fee is forfeited. If the same stud dog is not available, Owner will be entitled to one breeding, at no charge, to another stud dog currently owned by Stevens of comparable quality. If Bitch Owner desires to breed to a stud dog for which the fee is higher than the one the bitch was originally bred to, Owner may do so by paying the difference between the two fees.

B.  If the Bitch Owner does not desire a repeat breeding, Stevens will offer Bitch Owner one (1) puppy from a future litter, to be mutually agreed upon by Bitch Owner and Stevens, of a quality comparable to the price of the stud fee. Every effort will be made to select a puppy that meets with Bitch Owner’s approval. Bitch Owner will be responsible for all shipping charges, if applicable.

Bitch Owner may request the repeat breeding be done with a bitch other than the one listed in this contract, subject to approval of the substitute bitch by Stevens.

6. The parties agree that the fee for this breeding is to be:
_______________, payable upon delivery of the Bitch to Stevens. NOTE: Stud feeds are non-refundable unless the mating was not accomplished.

7. If it is necessary for the bitch to be boarded in order to complete the breeding, Stevens agrees that the Bitch will be confined in a proper facility and cared for to the best of their ability. In the event of illness or injury, Stevens will attempt to contact Bitch Owner immediately for instructions. If Owner is not available, Stevens will use their best judgment as to whether veterinarian assistance is needed and if so, will select a veterinarian and take the Bitch for treatment. Bitch Owner will promptly reimburse Stevens for all veterinarian expenses incurred on behalf of Bitch. Bitch Owner agrees to release and hold Stevens harmless for any illness or injury (including death) that occurs while Bitch is in possession of Stevens.

Seven (7) days board for the bitch is included in the stud fee. If it is necessary for the bitch to stay longer, Bitch Owner will pay Stevens $5.00 per day board.

8. Bitch Owner agrees to notify Stevens within three days after the litter is whelped. Before litter registration applications are signed, Bitch Owner agrees to furnish Stevens with photos or a video of the litter. Bitch Owner also agrees to furnish Stevens with a copy of the litter form showing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the owners of the pups from the litter, and also a description of the pup that went to each owner.

9. Bitch Owner agrees every effort will be made to place pups resulting from this breeding in suitable homes, preferably those where they will be utilized _________________________. Under no circumstances will any pups from this litter be sold in pet stores.

10. All parties agree to cooperate by promptly completing and/or signing any paperwork relative to this litter in its entirety, or individuals from this litter. All parties will promptly comply with any additional information or action that may be requested by the Australian Shepherd Club of America or the American Kennel Club concerning this litter. All parties also agree to exchange copies of pertinent documents (registration papers, OFA and CERF certificates, etc.) as requested.

11. The parties hereto agree that this document is a legal and binding contract, fully enforceable under the laws of the State of Alabama. Any additions, deletions, or changes to this Contract must be initialed by all parties in order to be valid.

12. Stevens certifies that the two Australian Shepherds named in this Contract were naturally mated on the following dates: _________________________________________.

Due date of the litter, from the first breeding, is _____________________. (DATES VARY WITH INDIVIDUAL BITCHES - BE READY AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE DUE DATE.)

(Dated Signatures of All Parties)


~~ Inquiries Welcomed ~~
Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at


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