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About our breed

1995 by Elaine Chapman Stevens

Note:  An edited version of this poem previously appeared in the Ranch Dog Trainer magazine.

If at first you don't succeed, try again.
If you still do not succeed, try again.
When you're dirty as a hog from pulling cows out of a bog-
Remember that it's fun and try again.

When the truck won't start at all, try again.
When the tractor, it's dead too - try again.
When the hay's all gone by fall and you hear hungry cattle bawl,
Just remember all that fun and try again.

While the rain runs off your nose, try again.
When the peanuts wash away, plant again.
Then in summer when it's dry and every crop you've planted dies,
Don't forget that farming's fun, and try again.

When the sweat runs down your butt, try again.
When you blister on your neck, try again.
Then when winter chills your bones and icy raindrops make you moan,
Don't give up all that fun -- try again.

When the baler breaks the twine, try again.
When the bushhog hits a stump, try again.
Next year things will sure be better, we'll do it right, down to the letter.
Blessed farming - it's fantastic!! Try again.

When your hammer busts your thumb, try again.
When the nails bend up like horseshoes, try again.
When you break your brand new saw, then see that shed's not square at all,
Keep repeating "Farming's fun!" and try again.

When you're setting posts in August, think again.
When that barbed wire bites your leg, think again.
Then when you go to shade to rest, and too late see that hornet's nest,
Keep on thinking "But it's fun!" and try again.

When the lightning strikes the barn, try again.
When the wind blows down the grain bin, try again.
Then when you find the back fence down, and all the sheep have gone to town -
Have more fun and round 'em up - then try again.

When you're out of fertilizer, try again.
When the diesel tank is empty, try again.
And when you turn the faucet on and nothing happens - water's gone -
Say, "That's okay, I'm having fun!" and try again.

When the bank account is empty, try again.
When the bills get three feet deep, try again.
Just refinance all those debts - you'll pull out of this mess yet!
Besides, you're having fun -- so try again!

As you watch the sun come up, you'll smile again.
When your seeds burst through the earth, you'll plant again.
Oh yes, farming life is hard, and Mother Nature deals the cards,
But when farming blood runs in your veins, you'll try again.




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Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at


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