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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

If you are interested in acquiring a Pincie Creek Aussie, the first thing you need to do is contact us!! You'll never get one if you don't ask!! We'll try to answer most of the usual questions we get regarding our dogs:

Do you ship?
Yes, shipping is available in the U.S. and Canada via  Delta Dash.  Our European agents handle European inquiries.

What are your prices?
We've had people inquire about our dogs almost apologetically, saying they'd like to have one but know they can't afford one. Wrong!! We have purposefully kept our prices reasonable because we feel that money should not stand in the way of someone owning a quality Aussie. Puppies are priced depending on the puppy sold and on on the type of registration as well as age and amount of training and/or titles they have.  Please contact us with serious inquiries!

What's the difference between limited and full registration?
Limited registration papers will be marked "Not For Breeding" and no offspring of this dog can be registered. Registration applications for  dogs sold on limited registration will be until proof of spay/neuter is furnished to us. As far as quality -- sometimes the "limited registration" puppy has a fault which renders it unsuitable for breeding. (We would never sell someone a puppy with a fault which we feel will interfere with the purpose for which they are purchasing it.) In many cases, it will be a first quality puppy - the same one that would sell for more if someone wanted it for breeding. But using limited registration whenever possible is our way of helping control the pet population, and it is not our goal to see how many intact Pincie Creek Aussies we can put out in the world. We'd rather take less money and know this puppy won't contribute to more unwanted animals.

What about started dogs?
We get lots of requests for started dogs but unfortunately rarely have one for sale to the public. We have a long waiting list for started dogs and are able to produce only one or two per year. Normally the puppy (or adult) is purchased from us with the understanding that it will be started later on. Prices depend on the amount of training the owner wants the dog to have, and whether they wish it trialed and started titles completed.

What can I expect when I contact you for the first time?
We use the same criteria for both prospective puppy buyers and for those who are interested in older dogs. We question people quite extensively (some get aggravated with us). The format we use goes something like this:

1. Have you ever owned an Australian Shepherd before?

If No:

a. Have you ever owned a dog before? If so, what breed? What did you like and dislike about it?

b. Why do you think the Australian Shepherd is the breed for you?

If Yes,

a. Where did you get it? (Or, What were its bloodlines?) (This sometimes gives us an idea of what "type" Aussie they owned, and also may provide us with the name of someone we know that we can contact for a reference.)

b. What did you like and dislike about the Aussie? (This helps us determine if we think they are suited to an Aussie and if they are, which one of our dogs is best suited to them.)

2. Do you live in town or the country?

a. If in town, do you have a fenced yard or other area where the dog can exercise daily? We do not sell to anyone living in town with no fenced yard.

b. NOTE: We very, very rarely sell an Aussie to someone who lives in an apartment, condo, or townhouse. We do not think itís fair to the dog.

c. If in the country, what type facility do you have for your dog? Will it be kept inside and crated when youíre not home, in a kennel, fenced yard, etc.? We do not sell to anyone who insists that their dog should run loose. Our experience has shown that, as close a people live to one another these days, an intelligent, active dog like the Aussie cannot be left unconfined for long periods. An especially undesirable prospect is the one who wants a very intense working dog, keeps the stock close to where the dog will be kept, and then wants to allow the dog to run loose. This will not work. The dog will definitely find something to amuse himself and most likely it will not be something you approve of. Also, for the dogís welfare, he needs to be kept in a safe place, away from cars, other animals, poison, etc.

3. What do you plan to do with the dog? (Companion, competition, working).

If companion, we give a considerable discount and sell all our companion Aussies on a limited registration with a spay/ neuter Contract.

If a working dog, what type set-up do you have (small hobby farm, large ranch) and what type stock do you have? Exactly what do you expect this dog to be able to do?

If competition prospect, what areas)? Have you ever competed in these areas before? What level do you expect this dog to attain?

If we feel we have an Aussie that would be suitable for you, and if after hearing what we have available you are still interested, we require a deposit to guarantee your place on our waiting list. When you submit the deposit, you tell us your sex and color preference (first and second choices), and the purpose for which you're purchasing the dog. If the sex or color you requested is not available, we will give you the choice of another puppy if there are extras in the litter not reserved. If you do not accept the second choice, your deposit will be refunded. If we have the sex and color that you requested but you have already purchased a dog elsewhere, or you change your mind and request a different color or sex that is not available, the refund is ours. We also evaluate the puppies extensively from birth to weaning age, and even if we have the sex and color you request but we do not feel it is suitable for your purpose, we reserve the right to not sell the puppy and refund your deposit.

Guarantees (Contracts)

Our biggest concern is the welfare and happiness of our dogs. We try really hard to match the "right" puppy or adult up with the "right" owner so that everyone is happy. If you get a dog from us and you're not satisfied, you won't be happy, the dog won't be happy, and ultimately we won't be happy. So we try to avoid all this unhappiness by getting it "right" the first time. Rest assured that any dog you buy from Pincie Creek will be carefully selected and screened and that we will do everything we can to be certain it is what you told us you wanted.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we will tell you.  Please don't be offended if this happens.

When we began looking for breeding stock to replace our old dogs, we unfortunately had some unpleasant experiences with breeders. A guarantee, even if written and signed by everyone involved, is only as good as the integrity of the breeder who signs it. And we quickly found that some breeders did not honor their contracts. So we vowed that if we were ever in the position to be selling dogs to people, that we would (1) Represent them honestly; (2) Stand behind them 100%; and (3) Assure prospective customers that they will never be "stuck" with one of our dogs. You will find our Guarantees to be some of the most lenient around. Basically we will take a dog back and replace it for virtually any reason; even if you just don't get along. If you find you can no longer care for the dog, you can always return it to us and we will either keep it or rehome it. We will replace any dog that you are unhappy with, subject to availability, with the following exception:

You tell us you want the dog for one purpose, then decide you want to do something else with it, and it doesn't measure up to your new expectations. Example: You purchase a companion, then decide you want to compete in obedience or herding, and are not happy with the dog's performance. In this case you may still return the dog to us, but we will ask you to pay for a replacement.

In the unlikely event that we find the dog has been abused or neglected, we will not replace it.


Click on the links below to view samples of our standard contracts, which will be customized for your unique situation:

Limited Registration Contract
Breeding Quality (Full Registration) Contract
Working Dog Guarantee
Competition Prospect Contract

If we haven't scared you away with all our criteria and you're STILL interested in a Pincie Creek Aussies, please visit our What's Available page.


~~ Inquiries Welcomed ~~
Roger Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-618-1665
or email us at


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