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WTCH Twin Oaks Jim Bowie RD
Bowie's Page
HOF Sire WTCH Twin Oaks Kit Carson RDx RTDsc HOF Sire WTCH The Bear of Twin Oaks CD Twin Oaks Wimpy PI
HOF Dam CH Twin Oaks Spinner STDd
HOF Dam Twin Oaks Poky Cody STDs OTDds Twin Oaks Brandy PII CD
Twin Oaks Poco Lena CD
Twin Oaks Tiara OTDsc ATDd Las Rocosa Rogue OTDc HOF Dam Las Rocosa Sydney
HOF Dam Las Rocosa Christophene OTDc STDds
HOF Dam CH Twin Oaks Spinner STDd CH Twin Oaks Cactus Bud CD
Klarer's Little Concha
Jan-Mar Scarlet O'Ara STDdsc
Scarlet's Page
HOF Sire WTCH CH Beauwood's Rustlin' In The Sun CDX RD TT CH Sunspot of Winderemere, "Spotter" HOF Sire CH Windermere's Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
HOF Sire CH Best Wishes of Windermere CD STDd
CH Pepper's Special K CH Beauwood's Out Rustlin' Bear UD OTD
CH Pepper's Grapenuts At Dawn
Jan-Mar Arrogance 'N Lace HOF Sire CH Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd HOF Sire CH Windermere's Sunshine of Bonnie Blu CDX
CH Sweet Seasons of Heatherhill
Summer Wishes of Windermere CD HIC HOF Sire WTCH Las Rocosa Kublia Khan Crown Point RDX
CH Christmas Wishes of Windermere CD OTDd STDsc



~~ Inquiries welcomed ~~
Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at




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