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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

DOB 4-20-89
OFA Good AS-13435G122M
Eyes Clear at age 10
22 inches, 50 pounds
Red Bi, Minimal White

When building our foundation lines we quickly found that we preferred the "old stuff", the tried and true working lines, many of which were getting hard to find. One of our first crosses, which proved very successful, was our HOF Dam Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDdsc to Bearfoot’s Cinder ‘N Ash (Spook), whom we had on lease. Spook, who was Woods bred, taught us that these dogs are different, and you either like them a lot, or you don’t like them at all. We liked them a lot.

In 1995, thanks to the help of Kris Toft, we found a littermate brother to Spook that was available and we didn’t hesitate to make him ours. Chewy was six years old when he came to live with us and we will admit to a little apprehension about a mature dog of his age adjusting to us. We needn’t have worried. From the time we picked Chewy up at the airport he acted like he’d known us forever.

Chewy is a sweetheart. He’s very affectionate and greets strangers nicely, waiting for a pat on the head. He loves to play and we found that even though it had been several years since he had been worked in obedience, he still remembers every bit of it!! We have taken him with us on many of our travels and he has always been a gentleman. Every time we take him to a show we have people come up and comment something like, "Is that an Aussie?" Isn’t it a shame that our old lines are hardly recognized any more?? But we also have a few people who immediately recognize him for what he is and excitedly exclaim, "Oh boy, an old Woods dog!! Where’d you get him? I haven’t seen any like him in years." In our opinion Chewy has an excellent temperament and has passed this on to his offspring. Many people have the mistaken impression that all dogs from Woods lines (indeed, some think all working dogs) are aggressive. We’ve had many people comment when they meet Chewy and then find out his breeding, "That’s a WOODS dog? I thought all of them were mean." As with any dog, these bloodlines have to be socialized at an early age, frequently and properly, in order to become accustomed to public places and strange people and situations. Handled properly, they make excellent companions and protectors and are loyal to the end.

Like most of the Woods dogs, Chewy does not back down from a fight. However, unlike some, he does not instigate fights but will certainly finish them if another dog starts one. He is protective (will bark furiously when a stranger drives up) but is not aggressive. However, we wouldn’t advise intruding on his property when his masters are not home. He does tend to be a dominant dog and passes this trait on to his offspring, both males and females.

As a worker, Chewy exhibits the traits his line was bred for – to work cattle in the alleys and chutes of sale barns. He is a hard heeler but will head and is more of a drive than a fetch dog. Due to his age we don’t work Chewy on large stock any more but in his younger days he was quite enthusiastic and sometimes had to take a kick or two before he settled down and worked slower and smoother. Like most of the Woods dogs he is tough, tough, tough – full of grit and never quits. He has a strong constitution and corrections or discipline don’t bother him as long as it’s done in the right manner. We’ve found that with the Woods dogs, you don’t MAKE them do ANYTHING. You have to show them what you want, and then they will do it for you because they love and respect you. What you ask them to do must be reasonable and have a meaning that they can understand. They quickly spot "nonsense" in training or working and want no part of it.

Chewy passed away in the fall of 2003. I met Chewy in 2000. I am grateful to have seen a dog of his caliber. He did not know a stranger and was always gentle with people as well as puppies. His attitude was carefree and fun loving. Chewy is another one of the great bloodline of Aussies that is truly missed. He was and is an excellent showcase to the old Wood's bloodline. We still see his attributes in our dogs today. He was greatly loved and is greatly missed. K. Stevens

Ruff-N-Reddy Joe Willy Wang, STDd HOF Sire CH Jones Reddy Teddy CDX OTDdsc SCHI Piz's Little Joe Piz's Joseph
J-D Choctaw Chili
Davie's Ginger Red Montoya's Rowdy
Montoya's Snipper
Ruff-N-Reddy Mity Happy Hocker CD, "Skid" Slash V Frosted Scotch CH Silver Sage of Coppertone
Martin's Buster Brown Shoe
Jones' Mity Bite Jeffrey's Cinnamon Man
Piz's Sheba
Ruff-N-Reddy Shadey Wood Ash, "Ashley"
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Jones' Little Redwood Ruff-N-Reddy Shadey Joe HOF Sire CH Jones Reddy Teddy CDX OTDdsc SCHI
Shadey Mountain Mity Miss
Ruff-N-Reddy Blue Tinker Toy HOF Sire CH Jones Reddy Teddy CDX OTDdsc SCHI
Keefer's Miss Nitzi
Shadey Mountain Mity Miss Shadey Mountain (Jeffrey's) Shade Wood's Stubbie
Jeffrey's Missy Blue
Jones' Mity Bite Jeffrey's Cinnamon Man
Piz's Sheba



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