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About our breed

The Little White Tale Adventure

On May 5th 2005, Roger and I left our little farm with eight male dogs and an empty trailer.   We were on another adventure which would take us to a dog trial in Kentucky and then on to Troy Pennsylvania. We love to take off to travel the country and see the sights along the way.  Roger and I are great traveling companions. We both can talk dogs all day and enjoy the time we share rolling down the road. We seem to reconnect by sharing good ole conversation about things we love.

The dogs did well for us in Kentucky and we took home High in Trial along with numerous other ribbons.  I never get tired of seeing Roger work a dog. He is a true master of the art of trialing, so if you all get a chance to see him and his dogs at a trial you will see what I mean. Along with the dogs Roger was trialing, Pincie creek Osceola, Mic, and Oz, I had a young male Pincie creek Chipola Warrior with me to get him use to traveling. We also picked up Pincie Creek Sizzle that resides in Brazil now. After our good-byes to friends, we loaded up and took off for Pennsylvania. Now that winter had let up, we were off to pick up the St. Croix we had acquired from our friend Jerry Ostrander.

We arrived in Troy PA on Monday evening to find a beautiful old farmhouse on the backside of a state park.  This quaint farmhouse sets tucked into the rolling hillside and surrounded by wildlife.  We were glad to have made the journey safely and equally as happy to see Jerry.  Jerry has a great little aussie named Eagle out of Osceola and Spirit.  Our friendship began with this little dog. Roger competed and trialed Eagle for a couple of years to get titles on him. Eagle missed Mr. Jerry so that he went back home a little sooner than we all thought he would. Mr. Jerry is real proud of Eagle and should be. He is a fine dog. Jerry raised cattle for many years then put the sheep on his farm to have something grazing on the pastures. We spent a day resting up for the trip home while the dogs ran off some energy. It was also a good visit with good people. Wednesday morning we loaded up and were on the road again. We had a trailer of 5 Rams and 30 ewes plus a few babies. The drive home took us through the mountains and along the river into Atlanta. We stayed overnight only to find that some of the ewes were lambing in the 95-degree weather. The little lambs came out fine although Roger did give them a nudge to help find their moms once we got home. The herd adjusted well to the heat of the deep south after coming from the north country of PA.

We extend a big thank you to Jerry Ostrander for the opportunity to get such great animals to add to our farm.  We have many little white tails every spring to add to our flock. We have one of the largest herds of Registered St. Croix sheep in the country.  We find they are easy to keep and produce well. We sell lambs and breeding stock on occasion.

Please contact us at  pinciecreekrds@icloud.comt for more information about our St. Croix sheep!

About our breed

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