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About our breed

1997 - Elaine Chapman Stevens

It was Sunday, September 7, 1997. The day was an almost perfect early autumn day in the Deep South - relatively cool, lengthening shadows forecasting the coming of winter, sugar white cloud puffs suggestive of the cotton growing the fields by the road, and a clear, bright blue sky reminding us that football season was about to begin.

I had driven into town to make some copies and was returning home, contemplating the beautiful weather and thinking about how, in just another couple of months, most of the green would turn to brown, the leaves would fall, and a portion of the nature world would take a nap in order to rest, and gather all its strength for the coming of Spring.

Beside the road I travel every day is a small pond, probably an acre in size. It’s just an ordinary, shallow, irregularly shaped pond that offers a drink to the thirsty cattle and the white cranes that are so common in our area, and also a cooling bath for them during the hottest days. I had passed this pond an untold number of times but really had given it no thought except during summer when it would completely disappear until the fall rains filled it again. Then I would notice that it was not there.

But today, as I approached the pond, my attention was immediately attracted by its beautiful color. Instead of its usual indistinguishable muddy hue, it was a bright clear blue, like the sky. Then I realized, what I seeing was the reflection of the sky in the pond. And around its edges were the snow white cranes. As if they had planned it, they completely surrounded the pond, evenly spaced four or five deep around its edge, and the ordinary pond became a delicate, lace edged, maple leaf shaped ornament for Mother Nature. The blue pond, the white edging against green pasture, and the blue and white reflected in the sky - it was breathtaking, and so extraordinary. I know that God must have planned this for me to see, it was too uncommon to have happened accidentally.

Then I was struck by the similarity between this common, ordinary farm pond and me. Alone, it was just ordinary, nothing special, dull. But with God’s help it was transformed into a thing of beauty, a very special creation. God will do the same for us that He did for the pond, if we allow Him.



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