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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

About our breed

Hall of Fame Dam

DOB 7-23-93- July 2004
OFA Good AS-13436G71F
Eyes Clear
21 Inches, 50 pounds
Black Bitch
Full Dentition, Scissors Bite

One of the very first litters we bred after becoming Pincie Creek Aussies was the Spook x Aggie litter. From this cross we kept what we felt was the pick bitch as part of the "Pincie Creek" foundation. We called her "Smut" because she is black as smut.

Smut is a coal black bitch with correct conformation, good bone, and nice, fluid movement. She has a moderate coat and a "Luke The Drifter" type head and earset. A fairly tall bitch, she has a "streamlined" build well suited for the quick, agile movements required to work rough stock.

Smut is a quiet worker and a natural heeler, but will head also. She is very intense and unafraid, has lots of power, natural instinct, and good balance, and wants to work in close. Smut is somewhat sensitive; she requires firmness but never harshness. Definitely an alpha bitch, she will attempt to dominate other females.

A very loyal dog, Smut loves her family but is not interested in anyone else. She is extremely protective and is furious when a stranger invades her home -all the hair stands up on her back and she will circle the intruder and bark, warningly. She has never aggressively approached a stranger (and retreats when they approach her) but her coal black color and convincing attitude create a very menacing appearance and she always leaves a lasting impression with outsiders. She is very sensible and knows when to protect and when to behave - for instance, she is always a perfect lady when we take her to the veterinarian's office. Back in the trailer or crate - she's protective again. As her name "Sweet Spirit" implies, she has a very humble, sweet nature toward her family. Smut's favorite person is Elaine, whom she always seeks out for some petting and conversation. Smut loves to come in the house and will sneak in any time a door is cracked. Like the Slash V bitches on her maternal side, she is an excellent mother and has always raised her large litters with ease.   

Having already produced one WTCH son, WTCH Pincie Creek Stirrin' Up Dust, "Dusty", we hope one day Smut will become a Hall of Fame Dam. But if she doesn't, we will love her just the same, and she has a home at Pincie Creek for as long as she lives.

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Bearfoot's Cinder 'N Ash, "Spook"
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spook1.jpg (88415 bytes)

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