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About our breed


Black Tri, DOB 4-7-1994
22 Inches, 60 Pounds

After a long and frustrating search for Aussies with bloodlines similar to his original Three Musketeers, one day in 1994 Roger picked up an Alabama Cattleman's magazine and started flipping through it.  On the Polled Hereford page he noticed an ad placed by a Mr. McCormick and something clicked.  Roger thought he remembered seeing that name in the pedigrees of his old dogs.  We checked and although we weren't sure it was the same "McCormick", it was worth a phone call.  After all, we'd tried everything else and this gentleman only lived about thirty minutes away.  Lady Luck was smiling on us that day because it was indeed the same Mr. McCormick that used to raise working Australian Shepherds.  He was down to one Aussie, a ten year old male, Smokey, that had never been bred, and yes, he would love to breed him to one of our bitches because he needed a puppy.  

Reba cooperated by coming into season soon thereafter and we kept our fingers crossed...since Smokey had never been bred we didn't know whether he was capable of producing a litter or not.  But indeed he was and Reba presented us with seven babies.  Not long after Smokey passed away so we found him just in time.

We liked Sam from the beginning, he was the largest pup in the litter but also the calmest and most sensible.  He matured into a lovely dog with good bone and nice structure, and an especially lovely head.   At last, Roger had been able to find some of the "old blood" and Sam had a home at Pincie Creek for life.  Or so we thought.

Then Becca Williams, whose assistance dog Hadji came from us, met a young girl at Troy State University, Heidi Smith, who was in dire need of help.  Due to a back injury Heidi was unable to lift anything and couldn't even carry her books to school.  Rising from a sitting position was almost impossible without something to lean on and Becca knew just what Heidi needed - an assistance dog. 

After receiving Becca's pleading telephone call we carefully evaluated all the adults in our kennel and we knew that Sam was the only suitable one for this job.  Just thinking about letting Sam go was very, very hard, but we wanted to help Heidi and we also feel that our dogs should perform a service to mankind if they possibly can.  So we offered Sam to Heidi and when she and her parents came to meet Sam, they loved him immediately.

Sam adapted very quickly to serving Heidi and is invaluable to her.  He carries things for her and is always there to steady her when she needs him.  They are indeed a team and we're glad Sam is enjoying a life where he is pampered and appreciated and indeed makes a difference in this world.  He's only a few miles away so we can see him whenever we like, and one day he will visit Pincie Creek to make some female Aussie very happy.

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Sam at 1 1/2 years of age. Sam in his working clothes.


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