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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

"Why, I remember way back when Pincie Creek was just a tiny trickle..."
Yeah, tell us more, Roger!

Pincie Creek Farms is located in extreme southeast Alabama, six miles outside Dothan and about 15 miles from both the Florida and Georgia state lines.  Our farm and our kennel is named for Roger's great-great Aunt Pincie, who lived in a log cabin along Pincie Creek, which still meanders through our property.  We built a dam and Pincie Creek made us a fine fishing pond, until Tropical Storm Alberto came along and dumped torrential rains on us...the dam broke and there went our pond and all the fish we'd just stocked it with... Roger was born and raised within a quarter of a mile of our home so his roots run deep here.  Like most folk Roger works two that pays, and the other one here at Pincie Creek that he enjoys.   We won't tell you how old we are but if you want a clue, we've passed the age where "middle age crisis" normally appears.  Roger is of Creek Indian heritage and a rural mail carrier.  In our spare time (Ha! That's a joke!) we enjoy hybridizing daylilies.

Farming and cattle have been a part of Roger's life since he was born.  (If you don't believe farming's fun, just ask him!!)  He and his father were partners until 1969, when Pincie Creek Farms was established.  With a row crop and peanut farm, registered Polled Hereford brood stock and show cattle, plus 500 head of commercial mama cows and calves to look after, Roger badly needed some help.  In 1972 he acquired his very first Aussie, Syd.
  Syd was followed a couple of years later by his two brothers, McKay and Mischief.  These were the beginning of Pincie Creek Aussies and descendants of their bloodline are still found in our kennel. If you'd like to know more about Roger's first three Aussies and how we got started, read A Tale of Three Aussies.

Following a very serious car accident in 1986, Roger was forced to give up all farming operations for about two years while he recuperated.  (His Guardian Angel was watching over him or he wouldn't be with us today.)  During this time he lost his buddy Syd to old age.  When we were able to begin the farming and cattle operations again, we also began the search for working Australian Shepherds.  Through diligent search, trial and error, and a stringent breeding program, we have what we feel are some of the best working dogs in the country.  We emphasize the ability to work cattle, because that is what is in demand most in our part of the country.  However, most of our dogs also work small stock.

In 1992 we acquired a little blue pup from Gary Ericsson named Hangin' Tree Blue Bear.  We had no idea how much this one dog would change our lives.  He was a wonderful chore dog and companion, the smartest dog we'd ever owned, and just for fun Roger entered him in the first ASCA stockdog trial we ever saw - at the GAASC Georgia Jubilee in Gainesville, Ga. in October of 1992.  Much to Roger's surprise, they earned a qualifying score and Roger was hooked.  Since that time we have competed regularly in ASCA events and one or more of our dogs have qualified for the National Stockdog Finals every year since Bear became eligible in 1994.  In 1999, Roger became an AHBA and ASCA stockdog judge, so he's extra busy these days.

Our goal is to breed an Australian Shepherd that is sound mentally and physically, conforms to the ASCA breed standard, is biddable, and easily trained.  We strive for a dog that has sufficient natural working instinct so that a novice person can, with little or no formal training for them or the dog, use it on their farm or ranch to accomplish their daily tasks.  To us, this is the most important test - whether a dog can "earn its living" working in the real world.  Due to changing lifestyles over the past few years there are fewer and fewer working farms and ranches.  Not every breeder of working dogs can truthfully say that their dogs are regularly used on livestock in real life situations.  We are proud that we can say this.   We currently run about 65 Senepol/Hereford cattle, one beloved Jersey cow, Daisy, fifty head of goats, fifty head of hair sheep, chickens, ducks, and assorted other critters.  Our dogs are used daily on our farm.  We can honestly say that it would not be possible without the help of our Aussies.  They are our friends, our best farm hands, our confidantes, and one of our true joys in life.


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Roger Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-618-1665
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