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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

ASCA HOF Kennel #59


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This site is quite extensive so we've prepared a directory to help you navigate and go quickly to the section you're looking for.  We get many, many requests for pictures and pedigrees so now there's a pedigree for every dog pictured on our web site.  In addition, we've included information about the dog and pictures of the parents, if available.  There are many sub-pages and links that are not listed here; for instance, on the "Acquiring a Pincie Creek Aussie" and "Stud Service" pages  you will find links to copies of our standard contracts.  Our site will be continually updated and expanded so check back regularly for new additions.  Enjoy!!!

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Available Pincie Creek dogs...and other availability information

St. Croix Sheep


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Meet Our Aussies:

Our Foundation Sire & Dams
Pincie Creek Residents
Pincie Creek Around the World
More Pincie Creek Aussies 
Pincie Creek Service Dogs
WTCH's We've Produced

Individual Aussie Pages (Pedigrees are available from us for all our Aussies on this site; these are the lucky ones who have their own page.) 


In Loving Memory:

HOF WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD RTDsc PATDsc CGC, "Bear"
HOF WTCH Pincie Creek Osceola RD RTDsc PATDsc
WTCH Pincie Creek Running Bear RD RTDsc, "Sonny"
Bearfoots Red Man Chew Rossy, "Chewy"
HOF Justus McCain of Pincie Creek STDsdc, "Mac"
Pincie Creek Sam

Our Stud Dogs:

WTCH Pinciecreek Chief Micanopy, "Mic"
WTCH Pincie Creek Cisco Kid, "Cisco"
WTCH Pincie Creek Micanopy Sunfire, "Oz"
Double Duce of Pincie Creek
Pincie Creek Chipola Warrior, "Chipola" (Available To Approved Home)
Pincie Creek Hank The Outlaw, "Hank"
CCK Jesse Stall "Jesse"


Spittin' Image of Pincie Creek, "Spit"
Cinnamon Sis of Pincie Creek "Cinnamon"
WTCH Pincie Creek Ola's Mae Red

In Loving Memory:

Slash V Bittersweet Sis, "Aggie"
Ricinda "Reba" of Pincie Creek
Peters Ranch Like A "Rocket"
Sweet Spirit of Pincie Creek, "Smut"
Jan-Mar "Scarlet" O'Ara
C-R Saleata, "Sally"
Pincie Creek Good Time Girl, "Hadji"
Peters Ranch Teal Sydney Bear, "Syd"
Pincie Creek Tres Manchas, "Three Spot"
Free Spirit of Pincie Creek, "Spirit"


Like to Read??  Check out the following stories about our dogs (have a handkerchief ready):

A Tale of  Three Aussies
Blue Bear's Story
Life With Hadji, A Service Dog
A Cowdog Named Dixie 
The Swamp Cow

 A "Thank You" - I would like to thank everyone who has expressed their support and given their prayers during Elaine's illness. Unfortunately, Elaine passed away on August 19, 2000 due to complications from her AML (acute adult mylogenous leukemia).

Elaine's Writings ~~ Poems and Prose
Permission to reprint normally granted, but please honor copyrights and ask first.

Ode to Farming - aka Farming's Fun
Why I Farm (by Roger)
Just An Ordinary Pond
Ol' Jerz
Memoirs of a Georgia Childhood
My Guardian Angel
This Is Pincie Creek
Catching Fireflies

Other things on the site:

Why I Farm



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