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About our breed

Hall of Fame #135

2005 ASCA Nationals...



High Combined Champion
Duck Champion
Reserve Sheep Champion


DOB 3-25-96
OFA Good AS-13437G38M
Eyes Clear
22 inches, 50 pounds
Red Bi, Minimal White

Like the Seminole Chief of the same great name,
Osceola is destined for fame.
Swift as an arrow, graceful as a dove - 
Mischievous too, he steals Roger's gloves!!

The look of eagles is in his eyes
From his amber stare no one can hide.
He's honest, brave, and protective, too --
You need not fear when Osceola's with you!!

He has the heart of a lion, but is gentle as a lamb,
He handles rank bulls and the roughest old rams.
He works all day with energy to spare
When you need him, you know he'll be there.

He can jump, twist, turn and spin,
There's no fence that can keep him in - 
His burnished red coat gleams in the sun
As he flies through the pasture at a wide-open run.

Following in his sire's pawprints
Will be a tough task, but he's up to it --
Our next great sire will be hard to defeat
Just like Osceola, the Seminole chief.

The above poem, which was written by Elaine as an advertisement in the Aussie Times, just about sums up Osceola. He is easily the quickest and most agile dog weve ever owned or bred, and its true that theres no fence that can keep him in - even a six or eight footer. He can clear a five foot fence effortlessly, and with one leap and a little push with his hind feet goes over a six foot or higher. This poses a problem at times, but also comes in handy when we dont want to have to open gates. Roger just tells him "over" and over he sails. Watching Osceola move is like watching a thoroughbred - hes perfect synchronization in motion, like a well oiled machine - no wasted energy; with effortless strides he seems to float over the ground. He stretches out, flattens close to the ground, all we see is a red streak going across the pasture.

Conformationally, Osceola is extremely correct and according to the ASCA breed standard, is what an Aussie should be. He is moderate in bone and coat, has a beautiful head and neck, perfect "cat" feet with arched toes, a super topline, and a beautiful scissors bite. Osceolas very dark liver red is unique in that it doesn't fade in the sun. In contrast, he has light amber colored eyes that are filled with kindness except when hes protecting his territory -- then they glow like coals of fire. True to the Aussie breed standard, Osceola is very protective of his territory and does not allow strangers to enter his yard - they are enemies unless we tell him its okay. He looks very forbidding when hes in his "protective" mode and we dont have to worry about him being challenged (hes been called a Tasmanian Devil). When Rogers away, hes the one that sleeps in the bedroom with Elaine because she knows no one will come inside over Osceola. On the other hand, he understands the difference between being at home and on the road -- hes traveled all over this country and when hes at shows and strange places, he is friendly to everyone; even children can pet him. The only thing he doesnt like is for a strange person to lean on his Suburban when hes in it!!

As a worker Osceola is not a dog for the meek or novice person as he can be very pushy. He works wide but also likes to get in close sometimes.  He heads and heels but prefers to head and is so fast that Roger has to think ahead and have his timing just right or Osceola will get ahead of him and the stock. As ASCA stockdog judge Preston Kissman once said, "He takes his flanks in microseconds."  We haven't clocked his speed yet but hes the only dog weve ever seen that can outrun a Barbado sheep. Osceola was bred to work cattle and cattle are his specialty; in the real world when he's working rank cattle, he makes the contrary ones pay dearly for being ornery.  He also works sheep and goats here on our farm.  Ducks excite him but he does very well on ducks. He is especially good at rating the different kinds of stock and instinctively knows what the handler wants done.  Like his sire, although he is plenty tough, he has never really harmed any livestock with his biting.  He knows exactly how to nip, whether on the nose or heel, to get the point across without causing damage.

Osceola has a good personality; he is mischievous and likes to play, especially fetch.  One of his favorite tricks is to steal Roger's glove when Roger is out working.  He runs off with it, flips it up in the air and catches it, then brings it back.  He is quiet, never makes a fuss and is not boisterous, is very obedient - although he does get excited sometimes when working and doesn't hear his commands the first time they are given.  Osceola reminds us of a cuddly teddy bear. He likes nothing better to come inside and spend time with us. Immediately, he goes to his toy box and gets his nylabone and holds it with both front feet while chewing it. Then he will stretch out on his side for a few zzzzs. Hes really good at persuading us to scratch his back; he will back up to our chairs until his rear is between our legs, and just stand there, smiling up at us, until we scratch his back. He also likes to play fetch when Papa Bear will let him use his tennis ball.  He is especially affectionate and tolerant with small puppies.  He will play with them for hours and allow them to crawl all over him, pull his ears, and do whatever they want.  He's never cross or snippy with them.   One time, he rode all the way to a trial in the same crate with a young puppy that was a holy terror.  He got in the back of the crate and let the puppy have plenty of room in the front.  The next thing we knew, the puppy was asleep with his head laid on Osceola.  Osceola is not dog aggressive and gets along really well with all our male dogs; he never starts a fight.  

Osceola does one thing that makes Elaine feel very special.  Normally she's the first one home in the afternoon and turns Bear and Osceola out for a run.  When it's time to go back inside Osceola never fails to solemnly present her with a very special offering -- a dried cow patty.  Well, at least he always makes sure it's dried out!!

When Osceola was a puppy, we sent him and his half brother to a prospective trial competitor for them to decide which pup they wanted. They decided to keep his half brother, and Osceola was returned to us. They just dont know what they missed...

In the spring of 1998 Osceola placed 5th in the Louisiana Cattle Futurity in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Of the futurity entries, he was the first one to obtain his WTCH and he also has his RD, RTDsc, and PATDsc. He already has numerous wins and High in Trials to his credit, and is only just beginning to enter his prime. Osceola is a formidable contender for the ASCA National Finals and as of the March/April Aussie Times is listed as #1 in cattle, sheep, and ducks in the year to date Finals standings.

So -- meet our next foundation sire. He has everything weve tried to produce - conformation, working ability, good looks, temperament, and trainability.


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The look of eagles. Anticipation!!


HOF Sire WTCH Hangin' Tree Blue Bear CD RD RTDsc PATDsc CGC HOF Sire WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear RD RTDsc PATDsc Hangin' Tree Buddy Ericsson's Vacquero
Ericsson's Cowgirl
HOF Dam Zephyr's Angel Blue HOF Sire WTCH Las Rocosa Merlin Hart CD RDX ATDh
Zephyr's Midnight Blue
HOF Dam Hangin' Tree Cinnamon Teal OTDds STDc Hangin' Tree Huckleberry HOF Sire WTCH Hangin' Tree Red Zephyr RDX
HOF Dam Zephyr's Angel Blue
Hangin' Tree Lass HOF Sire WTCH Hangin' Tree Red Zephyr RDX
HOF Dam Zephyr's Angel Blue
HOF Dam Slash V Bittersweet Sis STDdsc, "Aggie" WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland RD CH Slash V Little Rock CD CH Slash V Rocky Top
Myrup's Gabby
HOF Dam Slash V Semi Sweet OTDcd STDs, "Ticki" HOF Sire CH Jones Reddy Teddy CDX OTDdsc SCHI
Martin's Red Fudge STDc
Slash V Paper Doll HOF Sire CH Silverledge Slide Me Five STDc Taylor's Luke the Drifter CDX
Silverledge Mindy Taylor
HOF Dam Slash V Semi Sweet OTDcd STDs, "Ticki" HOF Sire CH Jones Reddy Teddy CDX OTDdsc SCHI
Martin's Red Fudge STDc


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