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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

Jan-Mar Scarlet O'Ara STDdsc

Jan-Mar Scarlet O'Ara STDdsc


Red Tri
OFA Pre-lim Good,
Eyes Clear
20", 45 pounds

When we decided Pincie Creek was ready for a new addition, I again contacted my friend Jane Harrell. She had sent me such a treasure in Rowdy, I knew she'd do her best to send me another really nice Aussie. I was in luck -- she'd just bred her bitch Lacey to Debbie St. Jacques' Bear. And soon we welcomed a sweet little girl whose sauciness and zest for life reminded me of another Southern belle, for whom she was named. With her presence and personality, it was evident to everyone who saw her that Scarlet had "class". A gorgeous rich red tri with white and bright copper trim, Scarlet had good bone, good conformation, was a very typey bitch, very feminine, good front and rear, nice movement, scissors bite, OFA pre-lim Good, eyes CERF cleared 4-95.  Scarlet's pedigree speaks for itself; she came from some of the best known bloodlines in the country, both conformation and working.

The only way to describe Scarlet's personality is "delightful". She was fun to be around. Quiet and always well behaved, she could be a bit mischievous at times. When she was five months old, we took her to Texas to her very first conformation show. She had a ball!! It was obvious that Scarlet loved traveling with the other dogs, and was so excited about seeing new places and people. She was a perfect lady the whole time and also was Best Opposite Sex Puppy both days at the show!!

We acquired Scarlet from Jane hoping for a versatility prospect, and she exceeded our expectations. At the age of seven months we introduced her to stock (goats) and we were amazed - she was one red hot working machine!! She wanted to work in close (as most young dogs do) and never quit - she would work all day long if we let her. Scarlet had plenty of grit and showed not the least bit of fear - when challenged she went right in and hit heads. If she happened to take a little hit she got up and came right back in without hesitation. In fact, it made her mad and she was more determined than ever to work those goats!! She was a natural fetch dog and hit heels and heads equally well. She was also a little hard-headed but very trainable. She listened - she just didn't want to quit sometimes and liked to do things her way - but we didn't mind that.

In order to pursue her conformation and obedience careers, Scarlet moved to the midwest in 1998 and quickly obtained two ASCA conformation majors. Always a very intelligent girl, Scarlet caught on to obedience very quickly and was well on her way to competition when tragedy struck. Sometime during the summer of 1999 Scarlet met an untimely, tragic, and mysterious death at the home of her handler. Rest well, Scarlet, you were a "good girl".



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