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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

WTCH Pincie Creek Running Bear RD RTDsc

DOB 2-19-95, OFA Good AS-13433G52M
Eyes Clear
19 1/2 inches, 45 pounds
Red Merle

Once upon a time, when springtime was just beginning to visit south Alabama in 1995, there was born at Pincie Creek a little red merle boy that we immediately decided was a "keeper". We liked his color and markings, and as he grew older we loved his temperament. "Sonny", as we call him (because he was the first Blue Bear son we kept), is one of the sweetest, if not THE sweetest, Aussies weíve ever owned.

We realized right away that he had inherited his motherís extremely calm and biddable temperament. Sonny is easy going and laid back, never gets excited, and keeps his cool in all situations. Heís so quiet you hardly know heís around, itís very unusual for him to bark unless he needs to in order to move stock. Heís affectionate and loving, and will take commands from just about anyone. Heís Elaineís and Adamís main chore dog when Bearís not around, because he works well for them and also can handle anything that needs doing without being pushy about it. His favorite trick is the "army crawl" that Roger taught him, when he crawls like a soldier under barbed wire on the ground, then takes off like a rocket when Roger tells him to "run for it".

Sonny is a little smaller than most of our males, about 19 1/2 inches, 40 pounds. Heís correct, moderate in bone and coat, and has a head like his sire, with a perfect earset and scissors bite, and amber eyes.

Sonny was a very easy dog to train and trial, and finished his WTCH, RD, and RTDsc with ease. Like most of the pups from our "Golden Cross" (Blue Bear x Reba), he is a strong fetch dog that always works with, never against, his handler. If we had to recommend one of our dogs for a novice handler, it would be Sonny. He has a lot to offer our breed and will always be one of our favorite Aussies.

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Sonny showing the "eye" that so
 many of the Bear and Reba
 offspring exhibit
Sonny working
Pincie Creek cows.
Sonny ready to go to work.


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